About Comfyballs

How it started:

Comfyballs are boxer briefs designed in Norway. Product development started in early 2012 in Oslo and was driven by a lack of functionality and innovation in men's underwear. No boxer briefs on the market provided enough support, particularly not during sport activities, which is how we identified an opportunity for significant improvements. We struggled at first to find solutions that would work for mass production. After numerous mistakes and several prototypes, we finally achieved our goal and found the ultimate fit. Throughout this journey, we have discovered what it takes to design and produce the comfiest boxer briefs the world has ever seen.

What makes Comfyballs so comfy?

Comfyballs are fitted boxer briefs sewn with flatlock seams in super-soft fabric, for superior comfort and breathability. The front of the boxer, Comfyballs are fitted boxer briefs constructed with flatlock seams in super-soft fabrics, for superior comfort and breathability. The front of the boxer, PackageFront(R), is designed to keep the package in place, while lifting it away from the inside of the thighs and thus preventing unnecessary heat from developing around the scrotum. This is the key to optimal comfort. Fitted panels combined with innovative and unique use of elastic in fabric joints takes the user experience to a completely new level.

The future

We have been through several changes and we have listened to our customers. What our customers want and what they expect is what We have been through several changes and we have listened to our customers. Our customer's needs and input are what drives us to stay innovative, to adapt when necessary and to keep our promise to produce the most comfortable boxer briefs. We continiously work with progressive developments, be it new fabrics, new styles or new associated products.

Washing Instructions

All Comfyballs can wash at both 40 degrees (104 F) and 60degrees Celsius (104 F) without any negative effects.
Tumble dryer: All Comfyballs can be tumble dried on Low, but should not be tumble dried on Warm.
Fabric softener: Generally unnecessary to use.
Wash with similar colors

A good rule that applies to all colored clothes, both organic and man-made fibers, is to wash similar colors together. At least light with light, dark with dark, and red alone. All colored fabrics release some color during the first 1-2 washes, and organic fabrics shrink slightly. It is impossible to get the color-release down to 0.00 without using additives/chemicals, which would stop us from obtaining Oeko-Tex certification for our products). If you have skin allergies or sensitive skin, please feel free to wash the product before first use, but it is not necessary.

Fabric and quality

We use incredibly soft micro-polyester in all of our waistbands. We also use flatlock-seams for all seams that come in contact with the skin to avoid irritating the skin. Comfyballs currently come in three different fabric combinations;

Cotton: 92% cotton / 8% Lycra®: We use a special type of cotton, single jersey, ca 200 gram per square meter. The cotton fibers are combed before they are turned into string. This is done to eliminate all impurities and small imperfections within the fibers. By doing this we make the fabric extremely soft, durable and comfortable. In combination with 8% DuPont Lycra® this results in a fabric that has great breathing ability and comfort. A perfect boxer for all purposes all year round.

Performance: 84% Coolmax® All Season / 16% Lycra®: Our top-of-the line model that is created with hollow and flat artificial fibers. This results in both fantastic transportation of liquid and heat. The Performance-model was originally intended for exercise, but has become a favorite by many for all types of use. The fabric is both soft, light (185g per square meter) and extremely durable. The fabric dries extremely quickly as the liquid is transported away from the skin. The fabric does not contain Polygiene or other additives.

Comfycel: 47 % lyocell, 47 % cotton, 6 % Lycra®: Comfycel(R) has a narrow surface and is about twice as soft as regular cotton, making it the ultimate choice of underwear with direct contact with the skin. Also, as the fabric drapes nicely, it does not curl either.
Moisture-absorbing and antibacterial properties: Comfycel(R) underwear is at least 50% more absorbent than ordinary cotton and provides a less favorable environment for bacterial growth.


Our products are manufactured in Turkey and we make certain to provide excellent working conditions. All of our products are 100% Oeko-Tex certified. The standard ensures that the products and production is free from substances that may be toxic or hazardous. Read more about the Oeko-Tex standard here.

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