Comfyballs is now climate neutral.

According to the IPCC, the textile industry let's out more greenhouse gasses than all of the worlds planes and boats combined. 80% of those emissions are from the production and not the transportation. Production of clothing also puts pressure on water supplies and carries with it large local emissions of microfiber.

All our underwear is climate neutral from January 2020

To achieve this we have calculated our total carbon emissions from production to customer delivery and match this through participation in two projects. Click here to see how large of an impact Comfyballs has had!

By buying climate neutral products you are contributing to global protection of the environment through recognized projects for offsetting CO2. You also contribute to achieving the UN's goal for sustainable growth, which includes combating poverty and improving living conditions in poor countries. The programs we participate in are tested and approved according to international standards, including ClimatePartner’s certification process performed by TÜV Austria.

An average product from Comfyballs/Comfy has a carbon footprint of about 1,6kg CO2. This is the equivalent of about a glass of milk (or 11 glasses of orange juice), or half a cheeseburger. This seems very insignificant, but through the scale of massive consumption this is actually a very noticeable change.

How can you use your products more sustainably?

  • Use the product until it breaks (we continually work on making our products more durable)
  • Wash with colder water (40℃ works just fine)
  • Recycle all clothes, even underwear with holes in it. This makes sure the fabric is optimally used for it's whole lifecycle.