Comfyballs Ghost Black Cotton



The underwear-version of Bentley! ?

Our researchers innovate once again, and combine superb comfort with stylish luxury. We received numerous requests from everything that moves among the global elite to create a pair of underwear that fits the needs of even the most discerning customers. Both supermodels and financial kingpins asked the same question; give me a boxer that makes my balls both look and feel like a billion dollars! After hundreds of hours sketching we finally found out how to produce the ultimate boxer for those who require extreme comfort combined with impeccable style.

  1. After ordering the specifications are sent to an Italian tailor located at a confidential location.
  2. The boxer is sewn with legendary precision and then sent on to Dubai.
  3. Here the boxer is taken on tour of yachts, sports cars, helicopters and champagne-parties to test whether it is worthy of the exclusive life it is designed for.
  4. The garment is packaged by 10 different supermodels and sent to your mailbox.

Warning: We are not responsible for extreme work-ethic, innovative ideas and guaranteed spots on guest lists using this boxer.

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Shipping Information

All packages are sent with DHL-Express and usually shipped within one day of an order being made. All packages are sent with a tracking code so that you can always see where the salvation for your balls are!