The perfect everyday underwear!

Cotton is our most popular series, and for good reason. This pair keeps you going every single day, even when the temperature changes!

Combed single jersey cotton, appr. 180 grams per square meter. The cotton fibers are combed before being spun into yarns, to avoid short fibres and unwanted particles. This makes the fabric extremely soft, with high durability. We add 8% Lycra®, to give strong and flexible stability, and maintain high fabric breathability.

92% cotton/8%Lycra


Underwear for maximum achievement!

Performance is suitable for all kinds of sports and training. Soft, light and can withstand even the toughest sessions. The fabric dries very quickly as moisture is transported away from the skin. Does not contain Polygiene or other additives.

The fabric is soft and light, approx. 165 grams per square meter, and extremely durable. Excellent moisture management properties, super-quick drying and with good moisture wicking abilites. The fabric does not contain nanoparticles, Polygiene or other chemicals.

84% polyester/16% Lycra


Extra soft and environmentally friendly!

Made from extremely soft fabric, containing Tencel® beech fibres. A slightly heavier fabric gives you a pleasant and somewhat warmer feel. The Wood has great breathability and of course, has the unmistakable Comfyballs comfort.

Tencel® modal blend ensures a very soft, cooling effect. Note that the fabric has a higher absorption ability than cotton, and thus remains humid for a longer period during medium and high intensity activities. Tencel® is spun using cellulose from birch fibres from Austria, manufactured through a highly environmentally friendly process. The weight of the fabric is appr. 180 grams per square meter.

45% modal/45% cotton/10%Lycra