Comfyballs Ghost Black Cotton Raised Waist

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Size Guide

Raised Waist is a special edition Comfyballs Boxershorts that’s 3,5 cm taller in the back and 1,5 cm in the front. If you’re more imperially inclined that’s 1.38 inches at the backside and 0.59 in at the front. This means less of the ol’ crack on display, even when moving your limbs extensively. This model is also especially suited for very tall or big men.

The Ghost Black version has a very discrete styling especially suited for your classiest endavours or if you just need to be covert and stealthy. This is the boxer of choice for both ninjas and elite special operations forces around the world. Nobody will see this boxer when it’s pitch black outside – we guarantee it! Also, the cotton fabric has an extremely low radar signature and is unlikely to be detected by any know radar system.

Note: You will easily lose this piece of underwear when you are not wearing it if it’s too dark. To avoid misplacing the product, always have a light source at hand outputting at least 100 lumens and always place this piece of underwear on a bright surface.

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