Combed single jersey cotton, appr. 180 grams per square meter. The cotton fibers are combed before being spun into yarns, to avoid short fibres and unwanted particles. This makes the fabric extremely soft, with high durability. We add 8% Lycra®, to give strong and flexible hold, and maintain high fabric breathability. Well suited for year-round use. 92 % Combed Cotton / 8% Lycra®.


The mixing in of TENCEL™ Modal secures a very soft, cooling effect. Note that the fabric is more hydrophilic than cotton, so remains wet for longer during medium and high activities. TENCEL™ Modal is spun using cellulose from beach fibres from Austria, manufactured in a highly environmentally friendly process. Fabric weight is appr. 180 grams per square meter. In combination with 10% DuPont Lycra®, this fabric gives the softest, most casual experience. 45% TENCEL™ Modal / 45% Combed Cotton / 10% Lycra®.


A mix of hollow and flat microfibers, which yields both insulation and breathability. Especially suited for all sporting activities, although many also uses it as an everyday item. The fabric is soft and light, approx. 165 gram per square meter, and extremely durable. Excellent moisture management capabilities, with good wicking effect and super-quick drying. Fabric does not contain nano particles or other additives like Polygiene etc. Well suited for year-round use. 84% COOLMAX® All Season Microfiber / 16% Lycra®.


Our lightest range, full mesh microfiber., appr. 140gram per square meter. Extreme moisture management capabilities, limited insulating effect. 84% Polyester / 16% Elastane.