Team Ulsrud

2014 Curling World Champions aiming for Olympic Gold in 2018 - Comfyballs vital part of strategy!

Sigve F. Høydahl

Sigve used Comfyballs Performance in the extreme run Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda 2014 for the first time.

-  I have never used a boxer providing this level of comfort, fit and moisture management before! With other brands, I typically struggle with chafing during longer runs. Comfyballs keeps everything in place, letting me focus on my competition!

Salomon Xreid

Villmarking 2014?

- I won't put on something else!

Kristoffer Nystedt

Norwegian montaineer Kristoffer Nystedt, aiming to complete 1250 kilometers of mountaineering during 2014 (60 peaks including 27 above 2000 mas), has fallen in love with Comfyballs Performance.
- Comfyballs Performance boxers are extremely comfortable, with outstanding moisture management in the Thermocool Pro fabrics used. They are perfect for long (and shorter..) walks!  Read more about Kristoffer here.

The most wicked drifting team in Norway!

Comfyballs supplies boxers to all team drivers in the 2014 season. No more squeeze sitting in the tight carbon fibre driving seat!

Team DriftMonkey


World's fastest cross country ski sprinter

Ludvig S. Jensen holds the 100 meter ski sprint world record, and focuses on ski and roller ski supersprint competitions with his Team JobZone, the oldest private sprint team in Norway.
- "Ball comfort" is imoprtant both during practice and competition, and obviously during general use. Comfyballs is the perfect boxer, regardless of wheter I am relaxing with friends or competing against some of the fastest skiers in the world. Comfyballs is unique as it keeps everthing in place - a comfy feeling which is difficult to explain. Try it and you will see!

Ludvig S. Jensen

Norges Skøyteakademi
Norges Skøyteakademi consists of some of the fastest skaters in Norway, with experience from the Olympics, the World Championship as well as National championships. Their long term goal is to win at least 1 Olympic Medal in 2018. In cooperation with sports textile experts, they develop customized skate suits to minimize drag and improve motion dynamics. Comfyballs is the preferred boxer underneath the suit!


Team Flathaug Racing

Henning Flathaug started to motocross at the age of 5, and roadracing at 12. Already having the Norwegian and Nordic roadracing Championship under his belt, he aims to fight for the Superstock 600-title in Spain and to participate in the Moto2 World Championships.

Henning Flathaug

Norges Handelshøyskole Svømmeteam




Test Team Raske Gutter

Team Raske Gutter